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Learn to live out of this word experiences just by being aware of your experimentation capacity

By nature, we embrace the things that make our life easier and more efficient. That’s why Google it’s what it is. With one search, we can find almost any answer.  It’s great we have this unlimited amount of information at hand.  But in some specific situations, this methodology of searching for information (and answers)

How thinking about death can improve our improvisation and ideas generation capacity

I think one of the reasons why we are so scared of death is because of the certainty that our plans will get interrupted. That feeling of not having enough time to do all the things that we have in our heads. And that feeling is even worse with unexpected death situations. I am

Do you want your idea to stand out from the rest? Stop using this 4 fancy – cliché words

I like to see myself as a cliché detector. I hate when people talk about their work as “life-changing”, “the best in the world” or “the most innovative thing ever”. The world is flooded with false expectations and cliché expressions to describe people’s creations. The problem with this cliché expressions is that they drain

A real-time example is worth a thousand online articles: how to find and learn from the ‘Elon Musk’s’ and the ‘Warren Buffet’s’ that are close to you?

Every day, my Facebook feed is flooded with articles of blogs and media sites writing about the lessons that we can learn from top performers. This week, I’ve seen at least a dozen of Elon Musk and Warren Buffet articles. We get over-exposed to information that suggests that we should follow the advice of

How asking this couple of simple questions will help you finish your project in half the time

I’m writing this post right now and I have no idea of what the title will be. Some time ago, I realized that I was wasting a lot of time (and creative effort) thinking about titles for my posts even before I start writing them. This is a pattern that we see everywhere: We

Learn how to overcome ‘FOMO’ and start doing meaningful, cool and funny work

How often do you worry because you think you are missing some “cool” trend or opportunity? ‘Fear of missing out’ has become a normal component of our days. With technology and social media, we are overexposed to events, people and products, and every day we receive thousands of stimuli with the intention to convince

The difference between the amateurs and the Pros? The quantity and quality of the questions they ask

In some level, peace of mind comes from knowing the things you want to know, from getting the answers you want to get. When we see a movie, when we read a book or when we hear about a story, it’s common that we don’t feel complete or satisfied until we know how the

Learn the 3 secrets of the best artists and entrepreneurs: Stealing and recycling ideas to start successful projects

Sometimes, our emotions are more powerful than our reason. And that’s great…unless you don’t know how to funnel and take advantage of those emotions. It’s also great having a lot of energy and enthusiasm about a new idea, but the real magic happens when we learn how to funnel that energy into something valuable.

3 behaviors that are making you a mediocre person and how to avoid them

“Standard”. Dangerous word. I don’t like things that create any type of limit sensation in the mind. Sometimes, standard behaviors become routine actions. The problem is that, in almost all the cases, there’s no filter to let us know if those behaviors will be valuable in any sense. We adopt some standards for our

Learn how to surround with really interesting people: How to differentiate the talkers from the doers

I was in a very nice restaurant in one of the coolest parts of the city. On both sides of my table, there were business people talking. Can you guess what they were talking about? That’s right, business. They were speaking loud as if they had the necessity to be heard. Not only by