Forget about “going big” and the mega goals. The key to achieving more are the micro details

In this days, people only talk about the “macro” and the “mega”. There are mega malls, mega movie theaters, and everyone is concerned about the macroeconomic situation.

The motivational images from Instagram says that we need to “Go big”, to aim for mega objectives and mega results.

We live in a very conditioned environment. For the media and big companies, is extremely easy to impose new trends and “fashionable things” among people. If suddenly, the only things that we start seeing on TV commercials and the press are mega projects, mega stadiums and mega constructions, unconsciously, we will start looking for the “mega” and the “macro” in anything we do.

And that´s the problem. Once we are conditioned, we transfer that conditioning to everything we do.

There´s nothing wrong with the marketing people trying to add the “macro” and “mega” prefixes to everything they sell. The problem is that almost every one of us can´t put apart that information from our daily lives, and we start using, without even realizing it, the “macro” and the “mega” concepts to measure everything we do.

What happens next? We forget the “micro”. We stop worrying about the details. And problems begin: We misalign our expectations with our actions. Our expectations are huge, but we feel that we are not putting enough effort to achieve them.

And it´s in that misalignment between our expectations and our actions when people starts to feel frustrated. They think they are not good enough to keep going and finish that megaproject they want to do, and they feel it´s getting impossible to become the “mega-person” they want to become.

They are focused on the “macro” and the “mega’, and they believe the “micro” and the small things are no longer important.

There´s a say: “The devil is in the details”. But it seems that in the age of the “mega” and the “macro”, people no longer care about the devil.

It´s curious, they don´t believe in the superstition of the devil, but they still believe in the superstition of thinking that they don´t achieve their goals because fate is not on their side.

They don´t realize that, in fact, they don´t achieve their goals for a simple reason: there´s a misalignment between the timeframes of what they want to achieve and how they want to achieve it.

We all want the “mega” results, but we don´t see that, on a daily basis, we need to focus on the “micro”: Constant micro steps and micro improvements.

So, my recommendation is: Let´s keep believing in the devil, let´s keep believing in little details. We can´t forget that something small can make a big difference. Something big, something “mega”, is nothing more but a sum of many “micro” aspects.

“Macro” is overrated. For my part, I will try to make an experiment and go back to give the “micro” the importance it deserves. I will keep my huge expectations, but I will remember that the process to achieve those expectations is a consistent sum of “micro” actions that, over time, will lead me to achieve those goals.