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2 counterintuitive methods that will help you solve any kind of problem

A problem can become our whole world. And we can get absorbed to the point that it becomes the only thing in our world. Many times, as we get concerned and absorbed by this problems, we tend to exaggerate the possible consequences. To address that problem, we implement “defense methods” that many times are

4 super easy “Twists” to 4 daily activities, to make them more efficient and fun

Routine is one of the main killers of the good things in life. Routine makes us lose perception. Routine creates an unfair perception of some of the activities that we do in our daily routines. We start undervaluing and we forget the importance of some of those activities. It’s easy to get out of

Mistrust as a way to become more productive

When the term “mistrust” is used, it’s usually done in a negative context. “You can’t trust that person” or “This situation doesn’t give me any confidence”. The interesting thing is that we are ignoring another context in which this term can act as something positive and become a powerful way increase our productivity. Mistrust,

5 pieces of advice we think are great, but actually stop us from executing our projects

When we receive advice, we must always be grateful that someone is taking the time to do it. However, the fact someone gives us advice doesn’t mean it’s a good advice, or that we have to apply it. It doesn’t make sense that we believe that, because someone gave us an advice, automatically that

Difficult questions as a way to reduce discomfort and improve your communication skills

At that moment, I felt like a fool. Five years studying finance and economics, and several years working in an investment bank. And none of those credentials were useful. Despite that experience, I remained silent and answered wrong to the question they asked. And what made me angry was not my wrong answer, or

The elevator challenge. Generating 200 ideas a month using only 5 minutes of your day

We would be surprised if we think about all the “dead moments” we have during a day. Most of those moments last only for a few seconds or a couple of minutes, and maybe that´s why we don´t have them present. It’s like if our brain is in Standby mode, and during those seconds

How to deal with negative answers and obtain value from them?

We are the result of our education, our environment and the people around us. Society, the way we were raised and traditional education invite us to think that the goal of everything we do and everything we ask is to always have a “YES” for an answer. The traditional educational system doesn´t encourage trial

Your critics are your real fans – Criticism as a way to improve

Numbers are simple, it’s impossible that 100% of the people agree with us. Many times we overreact when someone doesn’t agree with the way we think or act. We believe that perfection is a synonym of success, and that’s why we get affected by critics so easy. We constantly forget that everything can be seen,

How to stop dreaming and start doing? The 90-10 rule

“The world belongs to the dreamers,” some people say. I don´t agree. I think that affirmation is incomplete. Something more accurate and realistic would be: “The world belongs to the dreamers who, after dreaming, make the effort and work to make that dream come true”. It’s not a catchy or commercial affirmation, but it´s

Forget about “going big” and the mega goals. The key to achieving more are the micro details

In this days, people only talk about the “macro” and the “mega”. There are mega malls, mega movie theaters, and everyone is concerned about the macroeconomic situation. The motivational images from Instagram says that we need to “Go big”, to aim for mega objectives and mega results. We live in a very conditioned environment.