A powerful word that will improve your decision making ability

Would you share this blog post? It all depends. If I were the one reading this, and someone asks me this question, I would probably say ‘no’ at first. But then, if I see a proper incentive, and I think about the opportunity cost, maybe I would say “It depends”.

It goes unnoticed, or we forget, but perhaps the “it depends” term is one of the most powerful concepts to put in perspective and try to find the incentive that any situation can offer us.

By nature, we tend to quickly discard or ignore anything that doesn’t give us confidence or something which we can’t feel immediately attracted for. Think about the opportunity cost of what you just read. By not having a filter, something that stops us from responding to a situation in “autopilot” mode, we can lose valuable opportunities.

And you might be thinking “discarding or ignoring something that doesn’t generate trust is called intuition, and it’s a good thing”. And you’re right about that. Intuition acts as a valuable filter that helps us identify things that we feel are not right for us. But, what would happen if we combine intuition with the “It depends” filter?

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